July 04, 2011

isms n' ieps

Okay, "ism's" first.  Honestly, she's such a funny and creative kid that the ism's are coming fast 'n furious.  (Poetic license on the grammar)  :-)   Here are a few that come to mind, probably because I've retold 'em the most:

Her:  Mom, I want help with my shoes!  Me:  I'm getting ready, too.  Maybe your pretend friend can help you (yes, she has a 'pretend friend').  Her:  My pretend friend is away until Friday.  (Then later that afternoon...)  Me:  Monkey, did you (blah, blah...whatever naughty thing it was)?  Her:  No.  My pretend friend did it.  Me:  I thought she's away until Friday?  Her:  She surprised me!

With school on break, I brought her with me to show a client a studio apartment.  We all walk in together.  Her:  Wow, it's beautiful!  (she looks around, confused)  But there's no place to go.

She has a great vocabulary, but sometimes has delays on word retrieval.  She was bothered that a certain grown-up friend would sometimes mimic her getting "stuck" and saying "uh, uh, uh..." while thinking of a word.  I told her I'm sure he doesn't mean to make her feel bad, and if she tells him it hurts her feelings he won't do it again.  "But what if I try to tell him and I say 'uh, uh, uh'....?"

Taking a scene from the Backyardigans, she'll sometimes stand on a street corner, grin, and at the top of her lungs yell "Silence!!!!"  Then she looks around and giggles.

Then, of course, waiting for me to buy tix at the kiosk for Cars 2 today, she used a little toy to get another little girl's attention.  Long story short, she's got a new best friend and I've got a whole family's cell numbers.

Anyhoo, IEP's.  Y'know what?  Blagh.  Long ridiculous story.  Bizarrely f*cked up, baffling...got a request filed for an impartial hearing to get Monkey the right services for kindergarten.  We'll let it go at that, to be continued.


Kris said...

OMG, she is truly the best!! She cracks me up--I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her.

I hear ya on the IEP's--uugghhhh, though, I have to say once we transitioned from our intermediate unit to the school district last month, it was a breeze, these people have their act together, everything was done accurately and on time. I hope you get some better results, I know how frustrating it can be!

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