March 22, 2012

Hey, I remember this place!

Impressed with my regular blogging habits?  :-)

No real reason for the hiatus, I've just been lazy and doing the Facebook thing (again, it's no substitute for blogging, just a series of quick fixes), and busy with work, the Monkey, work, the Monkey....birthday parties...sight words...playground, work...

So before I hop, just a couple of quick "ism's" from this week while they're fresh:

1.  A little while after I'd reprimanded the Monkey for whatever, she calls me into the kitchen to show me something.  And, there, stuck to the fridge, is a card with stickers and a pink-wrapped Hershey's kiss taped to it.  I could see "for Mom", so I asked if it was for me.  "Yes". (Mind you, I'm lucky to have a kid who makes lots of "Mom, I so love you" cards!).  So I take it off the fridge, gingerly open it, and read "For Mom,  I do not like you.  Love Alana".   I confirmed the message with her, forced back a smile, and applauded her very grown up approach to expressing her feelings.  The next morning she pointed out the Hershey's Kiss again, and explained, "I knew you wouldn't like what I wrote, but I didn't want you to feel bad".  :-)

2.  Mentioning a book we'd read the night before (Camilla the Cupcake Fairy), "Mom, this story isn't real because wands aren't really magic unless they're the tooth fairy's wand, but not kids' or regular people's.  This book is fictional!"

3.  This one just struck me as funny in the delivery.  Our cousin Lily, recently out of college, occasionally babysits Alana.    Alana adores her, and Lily (who does musical theater herself) came to Alana's afterschool musical theater show last week.  Alana was then very excited to hear that Lily was going to be watching her last nite, and set up a tea party and planned what books she wanted Lily to read, etc.  Yet, when the much ballyhooed cousin arrived, Alana didn't even turn around, but just said, "AGAIN you're babysitting?"

And that's the kid.  Can't believe only a few more months left of kindergarten!  Now, off to the office and to show some apartments in this crazy warm weather!


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