November 20, 2012

Adoption Awareness Month

...and just when you thought my blog had drifted off into that great cyber galaxy...  

November, my friends, is Adoption Awareness Month (and also my birth month - happy birthday to me!), and so feels like a perfect time to resurrect the blog. While there may have been radio silence here, I've been a busy bee in some Facebook Russian adoption groups, as well as among people in actual 'real life', vicariously enjoying and re-living the thrills, chills, stresses and truly immeasurable joys of adoption. 

It's nearly 5 years since the Monkey and I gladly touched down at JFK after the most horrendous 9 airborne hours EVER with a screaming toddler and  about 200 incredibly tolerant fellow Aeroflot passengers to whom I'm forever indebted, and it's been a wacky, challenging, stressful, entertaining, wonderful journey ever since.  Home with me in NYC since she was 22 mos old, this little Monkey is the life of every party, takes in her surroundings like a proverbial sponge, and is now an eager 1st grader, an athlete, always the socialite, and quite the little snuggler.  And as I think of all the kids left behind, still living in orphanages in Russia and elsewhere throughout the world, who through no fault of their own must go without proper care, nutrition, any sort of hopeful future, or the love of a family, just one word comes to mind. --->

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