January 28, 2013

A little Blog TLC

As I hear my poor blog crying out from neglect, I'm checking in to show it a little much-deserved love.

First off, work.  I'm excited to say that about 2 months ago I took my real estate license, and myself with it, over to set up shop at Keller Williams, NYC.  A brand that's been active across the country for 25 years (not only active, but really rockin'...JD Powers ranked it #1 nationally in both buyer and seller satisfaction for 2012!), and yet just about to enter its terrible-two's in NYC.  A really great environment, and picking up serious steam in the Big Apple (more on that later...!)

I glance down a few posts and see a picture of our fish.  Fish are quite gone by now.  In fact, until last week, we had a hamster as well.  'Handsome Prince' he was dubbed by the Monkey.  She'd recently taken to greeting him, "Hi, Handsome"  Cracked me up coming from a petite six-year-old.  Anyhooo...

Hmmm?  Something about a Russian adoption ban?  Oh yes, THAT.  Oy.  Yes, lots going on, lots to say.  Time's too tight at this particular moment, but I'll stop back later to expound.  Yep, just said "expound'.  Feat for the day.


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